SESSION 76: Are Dogs Still Pack Animals?

In today's episode I will follow up on one of the many responses I received regarding my Skinner's Four Quadrants episodes 73 and 74 that I received. The concepts and methods that dog trainers use is varied, with peoples' passion for dogs it stands to reason that it would bring out a lot of [...]

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SESSION 73: Skinner’s Four Quadrants – Part 1 of 2

Hey there Dog's Way fans, today it's time to get "geeky" and talk about Skinner's Four Quadrants. I get asked a lot about the references I make to B.F. Skinner and Skinner's Four Quadrants so it makes sense to go a bit further into what the concepts are behind positive and negative reinforcements, how [...]

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SESSION 72: Interview with Author Bennie Copeland

Bennie Copeland and I had a great discussion! If you remember Bennie Copeland from Episode 61, you're going to love our continued conversation. Bennie is a trainer in the Nashville area, and recently published a book, Family Dog Fusion. It's full of insights and tips on how best to teach, train, love and build an [...]

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SESSION 71: The Down Command with Eric Letendre

In episode 71, Sean interviews Eric Letendre about his method and tips for introducing the down command to a dog.  Sean and Eric talk about some of the pitfalls that people fall into when introducing an obedience command and how to progress from introduction to a little greater proficiency in the down. [...]

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SESSION 70: Deciding and Preparing for a Puppy – Tips from Cara Putnam

In episode 70, Sean interviews Cara Putnam of Crossroads Dog Training about her new free e-book “Before You Bring a Puppy Home”.  Her book walks you through the decision phase, preparation phase and your puppy’s first introduction to their new home.  The downloadable e-book is a great resource to guide you through your preparation [...]

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