WORKOUT YOUR DOG’S NOSE: Your dog will be happier and so will you!

It’s often said that your dog is best behaved when he or she gets enough exercise. However, during a run of inclement weather, it”s sometimes difficult to get your dog the exercise that they need. If your dog enjoys sniffing around on walks a lot, then you can exercise your dog inside too. Teach your [...]

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Sean’s Top 3 “Go To” Dog Toys!

I’ve had tons of emails asking what I personally do to entertain my canine friends, and what are the best dog toys for 2016. Well, here’s my top three “go to” dog toys. EXERCISE: THE CHUCK IT It’s not novel but it’s really effective at getting fetchers more exercise and it prevents me from having [...]

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Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs

From mistletoe to ornaments and decorations to toxic plants and poisonous foods, danger is lurking around nearly every corner for your dog throughout the holidays. Keep your pooch safe all season long by following these holiday safety tips for pets!   Around the Christmas Tree Your Christmas tree should be against a wall or in a [...]

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Thanksgiving Foods That Are Toxic for Dogs & Cats

Before you let your dog finish off your plate full of leftovers this Thanksgiving, take a close look to make sure no unsafe foods are present. Many traditional Thanksgiving foods can make your pet very sick. Make sure you, your friends, and your family know ahead of time what's safe and what isn't so no one accidentally poisons your [...]

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Your Dog’s Fist Aid Kit – Are you Prepared?

Here's what you'll need to set up your dog's first aid kit. Pet first-aid kits are just like human first-aid kits with some added, pet specific items. It’s important for any pet owner to have a well-stocked pet first-aid kit and know how to use it. Look for a Pet First-Aid and CPR class offered [...]

Does my dog have separation anxiety?

Does your dog seem to get really worried when you’re about to leave the house? Does he follow you around from room to room when you’re packing up your suitcase? What about when you’re away? Does he tend to act abnormally and seem to misbehave when he’s left alone? Does he "go crazy" when you return and [...]

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