What our students are saying about The Dog’s Way results.

Carlene and her dog Rhaj

Breed: African Boerboel cross

Rhaj is a big working style flock guardian. Carlene got him from a real working farm in Washington State and found that living with him in a small home in Seattle was becoming problematic. She was beginning to lose control of him as he got to be a year old and close to a hundred pounds! She had tried many dog training books, and watched a lot of information on TV and online, to try to learn how to train her growing extra large dog. She was “at the end of her rope”!

Cindy and her dog Delta

Breed: English Bulldog

Cindy went through the course when she was 7-months-pregnant, expecting her first child. Delta was overly energetic, out-of-control and nutty around people that would visit the house. Cindy and her husband couldn’t imagine having an out of control dog and a new born baby all at the same time. Delta also had a tennis ball obsession. She would actively snatch the ball right out of their hands, sometimes catching fingers in the process, and once she had a ball in her mouth you couldn’t get her to give it up for anything! Cindy and her husband determined that training probably wouldn’t work with Delta because, in their words, “Delta was a different kind of dog!”

Jenny and her dog Cooper

Breed: Retriever Mix

Jenny has two dogs, but Cooper was her priority because he was so skittish and afraid. He wouldn’t listen and had no interest in responding to food treats at all. In fact, she had tried, unsuccessfully, to teach Cooper to lie down on command using food treats. Jenny admitted to us that she had determined that Cooper was just the sort of dog that would never be able to learn the “down.” Jenny felt that having two untrained dogs was way too much chaos for their family.

Laura and her dog Jake

Breed: Shepherd – Malinois mix

Laura has three dogs but wanted to focus on Jake because, as she describes him, he was a “basket case”. He had a short attention span, pulled terribly on the leash and would “lose his mind” when getting ready for a walk or getting to the park. Just walking the dogs was an ordeal for both Laura and her husband. Laura took Jake and her pit-mix George through the program.

Jared and his dog Clenny

Breed: Pit Bull

Jared had a lot of background handling dogs in shows and felt he could train his pit bull. He admitted to us that he’d really like some help because there were certain things he couldn’t get Clenny to learn. The first of his goals was to teach Clenny to just walk on a loose leash without pulling!

Julie and her dog Odie

Breed: Wheaten Terrier

Julie has an energetic (to say the least) Wheaten Terrier. This breed is most known for what is called the “Wheaten greetin”, which means these dogs frantically jump up on anyone they meet. Julie was told, as are many Wheaten owners, that this is just something that she’d have to get used to because you can’t train a Wheaten to stop doing it! Julie had tried five different dog trainers doing private lessons for her and Odie and still hadn’t solved her problem. Odie actually would behave in the house, with treats around, and nothing to distract him. However, once he got outside there was nothing that would work to stop him from jumping, barking and generally doing whatever he wanted to do!


I must have $200 in dog training books… none of this stuff was in any of those books!
I have tried to teach Cooper to ‘go down’ with treats.. and he just wasn’t interested.. After a few days of homework here, you just look at him now, and say it.. and he goes down!
I had a really hard time with Clenny.. I’ve noticed a huge difference in his basic manners!