SESSION 67: Friendly Dog Body Language and BAT Training

In episode 67, Sean answers some questions from a couple of listeners about interpreting dogs’ body language in behavioral modification, and what he thinks of a specific form of training called BAT training for dogs.  Sean gives a more detailed list of the dog body language signals that he usually looks for, and why [...]

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Session 63: What’s a Heeling Stick and Who is Peter Caine?

In episode 63, Sean answers a listener’s questions about using a “heeling stick” that she saw a trainer on YouTube using (Peter Caine).  Sean describes how a heeling stick is used and describes how it’s not quite the aversive that some people think it is.  Sean also (partially) answers the listener’s question about Peter Caine’s [...]

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SESSION 62: Am I Saying the Right Command?

In episode 62, Sean goes over some misunderstandings and mistakes in using various commands in your obedience training.  He gives you an understanding of what elements of verbal commands mean something to your dog and what elements are mainly for humans. Additionally, Sean gives you some tips on how you can "geek out" and take [...]

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SESSION 61: Discover Your Dog Podcast Interview

In episode 61, Sean McDaniel interviews Bennie Copeland and Devin Best, the guys from Discover Your Dog Podcast. Sean talks about his Bennie's book, Family Dog Fusion, podcasting, dog training and upcoming projects. In this session: Who is Bennie Copeland and what is his philosophy of dog training? [...]

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SESSION 60: Meeting Other Dogs More Calmly

In episode 60, Sean responds to a question from some listeners about how prevent over excitement when your dog approaches and meets other dogs on a walk.  Sean gives you a two-step game plan in this week’s homework to teach your dog to have perpetual awareness of you and settle in their nervous system when [...]

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