Emergency Session 94: Phase Two of The “Down” Method

In this episode we move to phase TWO of the "down" challenge for food motivated and non-food motivated dogs. I'll talk about an interesting discovery from listeners from the Czech Republic and Sweden and how their "crazy stay in place" situation is nothing like that! Life is proceeding pretty much the same there as [...]

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Session 92: The “Down” Command (part one)

In this episode we're going to jump into another obedience skills challenge. This one is focused on the 'down' command. This is an important lesson for small puppies as they develop, and even rescue adult dogs in instances where they may not have received much training, or were last trained years ago when they [...]

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Session 89: The “Sit” Command (part one)

In today's episode we're going to work on our obedience skills challenges while we're still confined inside with our dogs! Today's skill at first glance may seem like one you think you already know...but there are some key components to this command - whether your dog is "food" motivated, adult dog or puppy - [...]

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Session 88: The “Place” Command (part two)

Today's emergency session 88 is part two of the "place" command. We're going to take it up a notch from yesterday's work. We'll look at increasing levels of difficulty. We'll also talk to those with older puppies and adult dogs, and those that aren't as "food motivated". The goal being to learn to apply [...]

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