There’s controversy and some things to consider when it comes to training collars and I want to go in depth and discuss all of the concerns, how I suggest understanding the collar better (for you and the family), and effective lessons to teach with that everyone can be comfortable with. We use it for training during “in-person” sessions and it can be very effective. I’ll talk about steps for you to train your dog effectively with it.

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I’ve given you two links for items to consider buying as a part of this session. Here’s a link to the Mini Educator (and in full disclosure, we make a couple bucks off of sales through the link.) You can do your own search for Educator e-collars online as well. In addition to the Mini Educator, the quick collar is helpful. Keep in mind that there is a 1 inch and a 3/4 inch collar. Just make sure it matches the model of educator collar you plan to buy.

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Today’s rescue pup is Culpepper! He’s a maltese mix and is quite small, at about 8 pounds. He’s all white, incredibly adorable, easy to be around, and a good natured pet that I’d love for you to take a look at by clicking here. Thanks to P.U.P. dog rescue as always for their support.

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As I’ve done before I am presenting a new year’s challenge to get you back into training your pet! I’ll tell you more about my challenge in training. Also, we are fast approaching completion of our affiliate program through the website. I’ll provide more details soon.

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