In our training session for today I’ll help design a game plan for training a puppy that likes to bite and nip. I’ll show you how to design an environment that is optimal for training for this type of behavior. It is very much requires a ‘relationship based’ approach.

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In this session:

Other trainers use a “behavior centric” approach. I referred to a previous episode I published (episode 76 if you want to check it out) where some veterinarians published an article about whether or not dog’s were “pack animals”. That study and many like it are done in a vacuum so-to-speak, and lack the broader view of the total approach to behavioral training for dogs. The approach I describe in this podcast uses a comprehensive technique. I think you’ll appreciate the broader lesson in this method.

I’ll break the plan down in a few parts;

  • Principals and Mental Constructs
  • Systemic Setup and Structure
  • Pro training versus anti-training


Details In this Session

Sponsor Mention

As always, thanks so much to P.U.P. Dog Rescue for sponsoring the program and today we’re featuring Skylar. He’s a 1 year old chihuahua pomeranian mix, and currently is homed with a cat.

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