Session 82: Remote Training Collar 101

There's controversy and some things to consider when it comes to training collars and I want to go in depth and discuss all of the concerns, how I suggest understanding the collar better (for you and the family), and effective lessons to teach with that everyone can be comfortable with. We use it for [...]

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Session 80: Love for Senior Paws with Beau Maxwell

Today's episode features Beau Maxwell, owner of Love for Senior Paws. Her focus is on care and adoption for senior pets. Beau's love and dedication started with a cocker spaniel she rescued from a disreputable breeder, and since then she's dedicated her life to rescue and adoption of senior dogs for all through her [...]

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SESSION 76: Are Dogs Still Pack Animals?

In today's episode I will follow up on one of the many responses I received regarding my Skinner's Four Quadrants episodes 73 and 74 that I received. The concepts and methods that dog trainers use is varied, with peoples' passion for dogs it stands to reason that it would bring out a lot of [...]

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SESSION 73: Skinner’s Four Quadrants – Part 1 of 2

Hey there Dog's Way fans, today it's time to get "geeky" and talk about Skinner's Four Quadrants. I get asked a lot about the references I make to B.F. Skinner and Skinner's Four Quadrants so it makes sense to go a bit further into what the concepts are behind positive and negative reinforcements, how [...]

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