Sean teaching a female dog owner

Train With Sean Directly

One-on-one lessons with Sean in Seattle

If you’re in the greater Seattle/Bellevue area and you want to do lessons with me personally, you can go here to our local website and there’s a lot of information on what’s available for in-person training with me.

What can I teach my dog to do..and stop doing?

  • Clearly teach your dog the rules in your house
  • Walk with you on a loose leash and stop pulling
  • Stop them from ever jumping on you or anyone else
  • Make them stop barking whenever you want
  • Ensure that they never bolt away from you
  • Be able to set temporary boundaries instantly for them
  • Give them a command that will make them ignore anything in which they have shown interest
  • Make them come back to you whenever you call them
  • Make sure they never bolt out of your car door or your front door
  • And anything else that can be reasonably required of a dog