How to Teach Your Older Puppy to Meet and Greet People Properly

Many people ask about this step in puppy training.  A lot of times basic training seems to be going well.  Your puppy is becoming more attentive, listening to you and performing basic obedience commands better during your homework sessions.  However, when you’re out on a walk, whenever you see people, it all “goes out the [...]

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How Can a Muzzle Help Happy, Well-Adjusted Dogs?

Many of my clients have dogs that fall into the “reactive” dog category. With dogs like that, at some point, we almost always do some work with their dog wearing a muzzle when we get closer to triggers. I use a muzzle in training periodically for three reasons. MUZZLES IN TRAINING  1. In many cases, the [...]

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Is Your Dog’s Food REALLY Healthy? Find Out!

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably struggled at some point with picking out the "best dog food." Many people are unaware that some of the most popular commercial brands on the market aren't even good for your dog. MANY dog foods are full of fillers, poor quality meats, meat by-products, preservatives, and artificial ingredients that [...]

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How to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Happier Life

You may have landed on this page thinking we’d provide you with some amazing remedies or quick, easy solutions to add a few years onto your dog’s life. If you love your dog, it’s natural to want him to live a long, healthy life, but the best way to do that is by providing him [...]

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Natural Remedies for Your Dog this Spring

In our last blog post, we talked about how dogs can have spring allergies, similar to humans. If your dog has allergies, you might find him scratching a lot or biting at the itchy areas on his body. This can lead to rash, damaged skin, or even hair loss. To prevent this from happening and to [...]

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“Does my dog have allergies?” He might!

You may be unaware of this, but dogs and cats can suffer from seasonal allergies just like humans can, though not always in the same way. While humans usually experience respiratory problems (sneezing, runny noes, etc.), dogs usually suffer more from allergic dermatitis (skin rash or irritation). If not taken care of, these allergies can [...]

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Barking Dogs at the Office

I had two really similar cases this week and thought you might want to hear about the resolution to each of them in the event that their situation and solution could help you.  These two cases were great practical applications of the three main principles my training is based on: following the natural learning process, [...]

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How to Keep Dogs Healthy and Active When It’s Cold

Have you been searching for cold weather exercise ideas for dogs? Well, you've come to the right place! You’ve probably heard (or observed) that dogs behave better and are happier when they get enough physical exercise. Making sure your dog gets enough stimulation during the cold months of the year, however, can be difficult. Here [...]

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12 Common Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

We’ve compiled a list of common foods you should NEVER feed your dog. It’s very important that you learn what’s safe and healthy for your dog to eat and what’s not. You may be surprised at some of the items on this list! The following foods could seriously harm or kill your pet. Share this [...]

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3 Steps To Easier Training When You Have More Than One Dog

As you can imagine, many of my clients have more than one dog. They often call me because they realize that training more than one dog at a time is a little harder than training just one dog. I thought I’d share with you the game-plan that I give these clients in the event that [...]

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