Dog Excercise

WORKOUT YOUR DOG’S NOSE: Your dog will be happier and so will you!

It’s often said that your dog is best behaved when he or she gets enough exercise. However, during a run of inclement weather, it”s sometimes difficult to get your dog the exercise that they need. If your dog enjoys sniffing around on walks a lot, then you can exercise your dog inside too. Teach your [...]

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Sean’s Top 3 “Go To” Dog Toys!

I’ve had tons of emails asking what I personally do to entertain my canine friends, and what are the best dog toys for 2016. Well, here’s my top three “go to” dog toys. EXERCISE: THE CHUCK IT It’s not novel but it’s really effective at getting fetchers more exercise and it prevents me from having [...]

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How to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Happier Life

You may have landed on this page thinking we’d provide you with some amazing remedies or quick, easy solutions to add a few years onto your dog’s life. If you love your dog, it’s natural to want him to live a long, healthy life, but the best way to do that is by providing him [...]

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How to Keep Dogs Healthy and Active When It’s Cold

Have you been searching for cold weather exercise ideas for dogs? Well, you've come to the right place! You’ve probably heard (or observed) that dogs behave better and are happier when they get enough physical exercise. Making sure your dog gets enough stimulation during the cold months of the year, however, can be difficult. Here [...]

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THE EXERCISE EXPERIMENT: Solve Your Dog’s Behavioral Issues

Have you ever heard the old adage, “A tired dog is a good dog?” Well, a few years back we decided to put that adage to the test. As a dog trainer in Seattle for over a decade, I’ve never turned down a dog-problem. Consequently, I’ve seen just about every dog-related issue out there.  I”ve [...]

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