Is a Retired Racing Greyhound the Right Dog for You? (1/2)

Many people think they'd like to adopt a retired racing greyhound. If you’re included, make sure if you do decide to adopt, you do it for the right reasons. Greyhounds have particular personalities and behaviors that won’t fit into every type of lifestyle. It’s important to do some research before diving in and adding a [...]

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Why Do Dogs Walk in Circles Before Lying Down?

Have you ever watched your dog turn in circles and scratch at the floor before lying down, and then once he does lie down, he lets out a satisfied sigh? If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably wondered at one point or another why dogs do this. Several animal behaviorists have done research on this subject [...]

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool When It’s HOT

“Both dogs and cats dissipate heat by panting [and] as they get overheated, they pant more quickly trying to maintain a safe internal temperature.” –Douglas Aspros, DVM and President of the American Veterinary Medical Association. When it comes to summer heat and humidity, don’t take chances with your pet. You may feel like getting out [...]

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10 of the Most Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

In addition to the dog breeds that are stereotypically family-friendly, such as golden and Labrador retrievers (yes, the stereotypes are true!), here are some of the breeds known for being good with kids to consider if you’re looking for an addition to your family. They're all different, however, so make sure to do your research [...]

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Should You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

Do you brush your dog’s teeth? Maybe you’ve never felt the need to or you never thought you were supposed to in the first place, but experts highly recommend brushing your dog’s teeth daily or at least 2-3 times per week! It’s best to begin brushing your dog’s teeth at an early age to get [...]

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Can Dogs Help Lower or Relieve Stress?

Can dogs and other pets help relieve stress? If you’re a pet owner, your initial response may immediately be, yes! If you have a good relationship with your dog or cat, you probably feel a smile forming on your face just thinking about him or her. But what’s the science behind the effects a pet [...]

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8 of the Healthiest Dog Breeds

Many factors play into a dog's health, just like humans. Some particular breeds, however, are associated with fewer hereditary or genetic diseases, and fewer bone, skin, and coat problems than others. Your dog may not be a member of any of these breeds and still live a longer, healthier life than some that are. Many dogs of [...]

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