Crate Training 101

Why Use a Crate? Crate training a dog taps into a dog’s instincts as a den animal. The notion is that the crate becomes your dog’s “den” and allows him to have a place to take refuge, relax, and sleep.  Due to this “den” effect, crates can be used effectively to assist in house [...]

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How Can a Muzzle Help Happy, Well-Adjusted Dogs?

Many of my clients have dogs that fall into the “reactive” dog category. With dogs like that, at some point, we almost always do some work with their dog wearing a muzzle when we get closer to triggers. I use a muzzle in training periodically for three reasons. MUZZLES IN TRAINING  1. In many cases, the [...]

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WANT A HAPPIER DOG? Make them work for their supper!

We all have ways we like to entertain ourselves; some of us watch TV, some of us read a book, while some of us might even play a game on our phones.  It’s a given that you need a certain amount of enjoyable stimulation to stay happy and healthy.  In fact, you may have noticed, on days [...]

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DOG BATH TIME A NIGHTMARE? Here’s how to fix it.

DON’T JUMP RIGHT IN (pun sort of intended) A great many clients tell me that bath time is a total “nightmare”.  When this comes up, I rarely ”jump right in”,and teach clients the coaching process for fixing this.  I know, it seems kinda cruel to not just address the issue that is foremost on a client”s [...]

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Does Dog Training ‘Crush’ Your Dog’s Spirit?

I had a discussion, with a prospective client a few months back, that I thought might be good “food for thought” regarding the topic of whether training a dog is detrimental for his spirit .  Now, the names and identifying facts have been changed to protect the identity of this person, however, I should tell you that this story [...]

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