Have you ever noticed that some owners look like their dogs? Other dogs tend to share some of the same personality traits as their owners. It’s just a coincidence, though, right? Maybe not…


According to a study done by Dr. Stanley Coren, contributing author for Psychology Today, people favor things that are familiar to them. We tend to take comfort in familiarity and sometimes prefer things we can relate to or things that share similar attributes with us. In his study, Coren compared the key identifying factor, the face, of several dogs and humans.

In the test he conducted, he had 104 women look at slides of four different types of dogs asking them several questions concerning loyalty, intelligence, and friendliness. In the end, the majority of the women with long hair that covered their ears preferred the dogs with longer ears that hung down and framed their faces. The women with shorter hair or hair pulled back tended to prefer the dogs with shorter, more pointed ears. Coren concluded, “If the general features of one breed of dog’s face look something like the general features of our own face, then, all other things being equal, that breed should arouse a bit more of a warm and loving response on our part.”

Physical Appearance

Many owners dress up their dogs in things like coats, collars, ribbons, or boots with colors, styles, or designs that match that of their own. Others actually wear colors to match their dog’s fur. 


When researching the kind of dog you want, you’re likely going to look for one that will fit well into your lifestyle. If you prefer to lie around and watch TV most nights after work, you might prefer a dog that is low maintenance, laid back, and doesn’t require a ton of exercise. If you love to stay active, then you’d probably prefer an athletic and energetic dog you can take on runs or out to the park.

As Time Goes On…

Has your bond with your dog grown over the years? According to Lynn Hoover, founder of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, “When a dog spends all its time with you, those human behaviors, schedules, and tastes rub off. Dogs do pick up on our moods, preferences, anxieties, and fears.” Think about the relationship between you and your dog as well as your personaly traits. Have they begun to reflect one another at all? Chances are, the answer is yes.

Just as a human’s personality can rub off onto a dog, a dog’s personality can also influence its owner. A dog might make someone more affectionate, more likely to get out and socialize with neighbors, or add a sense of joy and comfort that might not otherwise exist without that loyal companion by your side.


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