Do dogs experience the same emotions as humans?

Anyone who owns a dog or has owned a dog in the past most likely knows that dogs have feelings and emotions, and lots of them! In the past, researchers and scientists have argued that dogs really only react to certain situations; they don’t actually have emotions like humans do. Descartes and Malebranche, well known 17th-century [...]

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10 of the Quietest Dog Breeds

Whether you live close to others, like in an apartment, or you just want to find a dog that doesn’t bark incessantly, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a compilation of over 10 of the quietest dog breeds. Whippet These dogs love to hunt. They’re independent and fast but also very gentle and friendly, [...]

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8 Dog Safety Tips for Autumn

Autumn is officially here! Along with all the fun—Halloween, candy, pumpkin patches, and hot apple cider—also comes several threats to our dogs. Here are several potential hazards to watch for and things to keep in mind this autumn.   Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe this Fall 1. Keep your dog warm. If your dog [...]

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Can dogs look and act like their owners?

Have you ever noticed that some owners look like their dogs? Other dogs tend to share some of the same personality traits as their owners. It’s just a coincidence, though, right? Maybe not… Familiarity According to a study done by Dr. Stanley Coren, contributing author for Psychology Today, people favor things that are familiar to [...]

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Wolves, Wolfdogs, and Coyotes

Have you heard the term wolfdog or wolf hybrid before? How about coydog or dog/coyote cross? Perhaps you've wondered what the differences are among dogs, wolves, and coyotes. Today, we're going to break down what each of these animals are and where they came from. Dogs Every dog is a descendant of wolves. Domestication has taken [...]

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Is a Retired Racing Greyhound the Right Dog for You? (2/2)

In the last blog post, we talked about what you should consider before adopting a retired racing greyhound, posing the following questions to potential owners: Why do you want a retired racing greyhound? What is your current family dynamic? What is your current lifestyle? Read part one to learn more about each of these important [...]

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