Picking a name for your puppy can be tricky! You want to choose a name that’s creative, fits your dog well, and is easy for your dog to pick up on. How do you do that? Here are a few tips to help you understand how dogs perceive names and sounds and to give you some great name ideas for your new puppy.


How do dogs understand sound?

Dogs take in words as sounds or commands, opposed to understanding their exact meanings and definitions like humans do. Over time, a dog learns how to respond appropriately to a certain sound, and we perceive that as them understanding what we’re saying. Dogs are also good at reading body language, picking up on your energy, and recognizing your scent to understand who you are and how you’re feeling.


How complicated should you get when naming a puppy?

Since dogs respond to particular sounds, choosing a name with a distinct rhythm that is simple and easy to articulate might make it easier for your puppy to begin recognizing his name and may make training easier as well. Many dog experts recommend choosing a name with a hard consonant sound in it, such as Hank or Curly. Names longer than three syllables could sound confusing to your dog and might make training more difficult, so try to keep it simple by picking a name with only one or two syllables.

Also, don’t give your dog a name that sounds too similar to a command you will use often, or you could confuse him. For example, “Moe” sounds a lot like “no,” and “Fletch” sounds like “fetch.”


Don’t give your dog an embarrassing or degrading name.

Don’t give your dog a name that sounds like you’re making fun of him. The way you speak to your dog, and the way others speak to him, including the mood you are in and the tone of voice you use, will affect how your dog feels and reacts. Dogs are intuitive and can pick up on how you’re feeling based on the way in which you speak.

Aside from how you make your dog feel when calling his name, you probably don’t want to have to call down the street for your dog with a dumb-sounding name. Save yourself embarrassment by choosing a name you won’t mind calling out in front of your neighbors.


Choose something original & creative.

Don’t choose the same name millions of other dog owners have also chosen. Think about taking your pooch to the dog park. You probably don’t want three dogs coming when you call out a name. Names like Buddy, Max, or Bailey may be appropriate and cute, but they’re some of the most commonly used names for dogs.


Pick up on your dog’s personality and choose a name that fits.

This is how most people name their dogs, and rightly so! You want to choose a name that fits your dog’s personality and character. After all, he will have this name for many years to come. (So you might not want to give your Chihuahua a name like Brewser.)

Choose a name you won’t grow tired of and that will be fitting for all stages of your dog’s life. Most of all, choose something you like!

Of course, this article is all in good fun, and there aren’t any rules you MUST follow when naming your puppy. It gives you some food for thought, however, and may help you narrow down your options and choose a great name that fits your new puppy perfectly.


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