In the last blog post, we talked about what you should consider before adopting a retired racing greyhound, posing the following questions to potential owners:

  • Why do you want a retired racing greyhound?
  • What is your current family dynamic?
  • What is your current lifestyle?

Read part one to learn more about each of these important aspects. Today, we’ll dive a bit deeper and talk more about these great dogs to help you figure out if a greyhound is right for you!


Greyhounds love being indoors.

Greyhounds need to be indoors near their owners. Don’t adopt a greyhound thinking you’ll be able to keep him out in the back yard the majority of the time. They love attentive owners. At the same time, they are very docile animals and, while they love being near their owners, they are perfectly content lying in the corner and sleeping. They also love soft surfaces, such as couches. Greyhounds are bony! They need something soft to sleep on comfortably.


Exercise Requirements

While greyhounds are usually very laid back dogs, they may have a burst of energy every once in a while. You’ll need a fenced in back yard so they can release this energy by doing a quick sprint across the yard. Other than that, greyhounds don’t require very much exercise. They enjoy walks with owners but typically won’t make the best jogging companions. If you are a jogger, you will have to slowly build up your dog’s endurance bit by bit until his pads and muscles adapt to the distance.


Can you afford to adopt a greyhound?

Adopting any dog is a large responsibility…larger than many owners anticipate. Dogs require licenses, regular vet checkups, vaccinations, medications, food, and grooming, all of which are ongoing expenses.


Fast Facts About Greyhounds


  • They’re clean, require little grooming, and don’t shed very much.
  • They don’t have a typical “dog odor.”
  • They’re quiet; they don’t bark often.
  • They’re loveable, sweet, and friendly toward people.
  • They are highly intelligent, polite, and docile.
  • They can live a very long time and tend to be very healthy. You may instantly think of a “retired” racer as an older, worn-out dog, but most racing greyhounds actually retire when they are only 2-5 years old.
  • All racing greyhounds are purebreds.
  • They love sleeping and lounging, giving them the nickname, “the 40-mph couch potato.”


  • They’re very big.
  • They don’t make good watchdogs. Their size alone may scare off an intruder, but they are “gentle giants.”
  • They can’t be let off the leash outside or they could run off (very quickly!) after something. Their eyesight is superb, so they may notice something in the distance and instinctively chase after it. Make sure you have a secure, fenced in yard if you let them loose.
  • You shouldn’t keep a greyhound outside for long periods of time. Their thin skin is very sensitive to heat and cold.
  • A greyhound owner must be knowledgeable; if you’re going to adopt, you need to be willing to do some research.

With all that being said, it’s possible that a greyhound would be the perfect dog for you. Many people absolutely love their greyhounds. They’re incredible dogs and great companions. Just make sure you’re willing to put in the time and effort before and after you adopt to make sure your home is a great environment for your new friend. And, of course, this is only an introduction to greyhounds. Now it’s time to get out there and do some more research!


Walking Your Dog

If you’re thinking of adopting a greyhound (or any dog), or if you already have one, it’s important to train them to behave in and out of the house. If you have trouble taking your dog on walks, which, in the case of greyhounds, would make life very difficult, you should read our free eBook on leash training. It takes an effective, natural approach that will help you train your dog on your own by following a few very simple steps.

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