Is a Retired Racing Greyhound the Right Dog for You? (2/2)

In the last blog post, we talked about what you should consider before adopting a retired racing greyhound, posing the following questions to potential owners: Why do you want a retired racing greyhound? What is your current family dynamic? What is your current lifestyle? Read part one to learn more about each of these important [...]

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Is a Retired Racing Greyhound the Right Dog for You? (1/2)

Many people think they'd like to adopt a retired racing greyhound. If you’re included, make sure if you do decide to adopt, you do it for the right reasons. Greyhounds have particular personalities and behaviors that won’t fit into every type of lifestyle. It’s important to do some research before diving in and adding a [...]

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Is the Honeymoon Over with Your Dog? Dog Behavior Issues

I can’t tell you how many clients, soon after adopting a dog from their local shelter, have said to me, “he was so great the first couple of weeks, and then all these behaviors started to show up”.  In most cases, there is a “honey moon phase” with a new dog in your home.   While [...]

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