Many people think they’d like to adopt a retired racing greyhound. If you’re included, make sure if you do decide to adopt, you do it for the right reasons. Greyhounds have particular personalities and behaviors that won’t fit into every type of lifestyle. It’s important to do some research before diving in and adding a greyhound to your family.

Here are several important factors to consider before adopting a retired racing greyhound.

Why do you want a retired racing greyhound?

It’s a great question to ask before adopting any type of dog. WHY do you want a greyhound? More specifically, why do you want a retired racer? Is it because you feel sorry for him? Is it because you want to teach your children to be more responsible by taking care of a pet? Is it because you heard greyhounds are easy pets to care for? None of these should be your primary reason to adopt. You should adopt a greyhound because you think it is a beautiful dog that you will love to live alongside for the remainder of his life, which will very likely be over a decade.

What is your current family dynamic?

Before adopting, make sure your family is right for a greyhound and vice versa. While greyhounds are generally very good with children, gentle, and patient, they are very large, and they don’t like being teased or harmed. If you have small children, you may want to rethink your decision to adopt a greyhound unless you are able to supervise their interactions at all times. Make sure your children don’t accidentally fall on, step on, or harass your greyhound. They should also be left alone when they are sleeping, eating, or chewing on a bone or toy, or someone could accidentally fall into harm’s way.

Another thing to ask yourself is, does EVERYONE in the family want a greyhound, and is everyone willing to pitch in and help when needed? Dogs are smart. They can tell if they’re loved and accepted by everyone or if someone resents them.

What is your current lifestyle?

Will you have the time to take care of and spend quality time with your greyhound? Having a regular schedule that your dog can quickly adapt to (so he knows when to go outside, when to eat, when you will go to work and come home, etc.) will work better than a crazy, unpredictable schedule. Greyhounds love being around their owners, so if you don’t have the time to spend with your dog, reconsider adopting. Do research to learn what greyhounds are like and how they like to live.


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