Ryan Brown (the dog “Philosofur”) operates a dog training business based in Hamilton, Ontario. He has been a great colleague in the business, and was a great guest on my podcast back on session 69, where we spoke about his practice, and talked about tips for newer dog trainers.

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In this session:

Ryan and I disuss some training commands for your dog done WITHOUT food (yes, it is possible).

Ryan’s steps include the following essential steps for the sit command:

  • The proper “minimum” age to effectively train to sit;
  • What the “sit’ should actually look like;
  • What the command means to the dog;
  • How to go to the next level so that the dog will hold the position.

Ryan talks about the “style” sit versus the “tuck” sit and getting certain concepts worked out first as building blocks for further training.

Am I sure my dog understands the sit command?

Ryan suggests that many owners believe that their dogs already understand and carry out the plan. But a lot have a version of the command covered, but it is essential to set up a sit AND release command, how tone of voice is a significant factor, and how the leash comes into play.

Sean talks with Ryan about exactly what the “release” command looks like for dog owners. If you don’t have a specific word for your dog, or if it’s too common a word – you’ll get lots of great information just from this part of the show!

The “down” command is discussed as well, and how food use is really only there on a limited basis for recall.

Ryan’s website is TheDogPhilosofur.com and also has some great videos on YouTube as well. Follow Ryan on Instagram at @dog.philosofur.

Details In this Session


Thanks again to People United for Pets (P.U.P. Dog Rescue)

This Week’s Rescue: Vivian

I want to extend thanks again to our sponsor P.U.P. Dog Rescue! They have an adorable dog available for rescue named “Vivienne”, who is a 6 and a half month old German Shepard who is quite amazing! She has a mild temper for a German Shepard puppy! Absolutely adorable and will likely get adopted very quickly. She’s been bounced around a bit in different shelters, so she may need a bit of work and perhaps someone familiar with German Shepherds. Go to PUP Dog Rescue.com or go directly to this link for more information about her.

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