In episode 31, I answer a question from a listener about how to prevent your puppy from guarding their resources inappropriately.  And, I answer a question about a middle aged dog forgetting their training.

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In this session:

What should we do to teach puppies to share their stuff better?

Do dogs have a mid-life crisis …and, if they do, what should we do about it?

Details In this Session

Sheryl’s middle aged dog question:

  • Visit the Vet: ask about a basic health checkup and diet for your dog
  • Upgrade the exercise
  • Rekindle a training plan over the next one to three weeks
  • Add some mental stimulation like nose games or food dispensing toys:

Here are some articles about those:

Nose work:

Food Dispensing Toys:

Tom’s Puppy plan to prevent resource guarding:

  • Plan to interrupt your puppy’s meals by giving them a high value treat
  • Interrupt chew toy sessions with high value treats

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