In this episode, I catch up on answering questions from the email bag as well as answering a caller’s question about letting her dog jumping up on her couch. In the puppy training section, I teach you how to start your younger puppy in intermediate training for sit.

In this session:

In this episode, I answer a bunch of questions in the email bag about:

  1. Using a long line
  2. Exercising your dog inside (nose work)
  3. Fast eaters

Training Sections:

  1. Adult dogs: how much freedom do I allow dogs as they start to learn more?
  2. Puppy section: How to start your puppy in intermediate obedience work and begin to work towards actually using obedience in real life.

Details In this Section


Marcus’ question: How to exercise your dog in the house: Click Here

Ari’s email: Fast eaters

If your dog is crazy about food, and doing homework (like sit or down) before feeding, makes your dog crazy and causes them to eat in the wrong “frame of mind”, try this feeding ritual instead:

  • Split a feeding into 4 small feeding bowls
  • Don’t be too structured before feeding
  • After the food is prepared, wait ….
  • When you see your dog settle their nervous system down, praise lightly and slowly put the food down
  • After she finishes that ¼ of her meal, watch for more settling behavior, once you see it “praise” or verbally mark that settling behavior and put the second bowl down
  • Follow that process for meals and see if this experiment helps your dog learn to settle more with feedings.

Here’s the link to the article on slow feed bowls too: Click Here


Recall the 4 phases of obedience with puppies:


Phase 1: Luring and basic teaching

Phase 2: beginning to challenge with time and distraction


Phase 3: Beginning to challenge what you’re doing while they do the exercise and shift where your reinforcing treats are placed in training

Phase 4: Challenging all elements in the progression of difficulty and moving the intermittent reinforce to later in the exercise arc.

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