In this episode, I catch up on answering questions from the email bag as well as go over the protocol for solving problems when your dog is at the office. In the puppy training section, I teach how to progress through Phase 3 and Phase 4 of teaching your puppy to sit.


In this episode, I answer a bunch of questions in the email bag about:

  1. How to give a puppy a treat
  2. How to use an air sprayer to stop a dog from barking
  3. Loose leash walking question

Training Sections:

  1. Adult dogs: how to solve problems when your dog is at work?
  2. Puppy section: We progress through Phase 3 and Phase 4 of teaching a puppy to sit.

In this session:


This is the site that sells the AIR SPRAYER that I use: Click Here

Keep in mind that this tool should be used in a comprehensive training program and in my experience, it doesn’t “work like magic” most of the time right out of the box. Sometimes it can confuse a dog, or agitate a dog. Be sure to build relationship first and use this tool (as with all training tools) as part of a comprehensive program.

Training Section

Dogs at the office

Here’s a link to the original blog article about the dogs in the office cases. Click Here


Recall the 4 phases of obedience with puppies:


Phase 1: Luring and basic teaching

Phase 2: beginning to challenge with time and distraction


Phase 3: Beginning to challenge “what you’re doing while they do the exercise” and “shift where you’re reinforcing treats” are placed in training

Phase 4: Challenging all elements in the progression of difficulty and moving the intermittent reinforcer to after the “break” command.

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