In episode 28, I answer a question from a listener about how to train three of her dogs to get along with a new dog that she brought in, and in the puppy section I talk about introducing a puppy to more advanced work and expand your scope of influence over your puppy.

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In this session:

What should you do if you have more than one dog and they seem to not get along very well?

How do you introduce a puppy to a long line, and light lines and why?

Details In this Session

Erica’s Dogs:

Here’s the article on training two or more dogs (there’s a mini video lesson in this article)

Before throwing a bunch of dogs that potentially don’t get along with each other together:

  • Work on basic relationship exercises
  • Teach core recovery skills, polite dog body language, and functional obedience skills
  • IF you need to – go through a muzzle conditioning process
  • THEN begin to have your dogs interact while you actively coach the interactions

Here’s a link to my article on the muzzle conditioning process:

Pat’s advanced puppy work:

Before moving to “off-leash” use a drag light line and a long light line for a while before letting your puppy do homework in high distraction areas off leash.

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