8 Dog Safety Tips for Autumn

Autumn is officially here! Along with all the fun—Halloween, candy, pumpkin patches, and hot apple cider—also comes several threats to our dogs. Here are several potential hazards to watch for and things to keep in mind this autumn.   Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe this Fall 1. Keep your dog warm. If your dog [...]

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Can dogs look and act like their owners?

Have you ever noticed that some owners look like their dogs? Other dogs tend to share some of the same personality traits as their owners. It’s just a coincidence, though, right? Maybe not… Familiarity According to a study done by Dr. Stanley Coren, contributing author for Psychology Today, people favor things that are familiar to [...]

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Do Wolves Make Good Pets?

Have you heard of people owning wolves or wolfdogs as pets? Maybe you've even considered getting one yourself. Owning a wolf may sound like an adventure, but do wolves really make good pets? Before you run off in search of a wolf pup, it’s very important to know ahead of time what you’re getting yourself [...]

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Why do dogs have wet noses?

Have you ever heard someone say, “if your dog’s nose is dry, that means he's sick or unhealthy”? Many people believe this to be true, but is it? Today we’re going to dig into what the experts have to say on this subject.   Why do dogs typically have wet noses? Dogs have moist noses [...]

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Wolves, Wolfdogs, and Coyotes

Have you heard the term wolfdog or wolf hybrid before? How about coydog or dog/coyote cross? Perhaps you've wondered what the differences are among dogs, wolves, and coyotes. Today, we're going to break down what each of these animals are and where they came from. Dogs Every dog is a descendant of wolves. Domestication has taken [...]

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Why Do Dogs Walk in Circles Before Lying Down?

Have you ever watched your dog turn in circles and scratch at the floor before lying down, and then once he does lie down, he lets out a satisfied sigh? If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably wondered at one point or another why dogs do this. Several animal behaviorists have done research on this subject [...]

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Do Dogs Really Dream?

Have you ever seen your dog twitch, talk, or move in his sleep? If so, you probably assumed he was dreaming… chasing a squirrel, sniffing down some food, going on a walk… and you may be right. According to many scientists and much research, like humans, dogs (and many other animals) also seem to experience [...]

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Why Do Dogs Roll In the Grass?

  As you have undoubtedly noticed, when you and your dog go for a walk, you don’t always have the same agenda. While you probably prefer to keep a constant pace, your pup may get distracted by anything and everything around him. Many pet owners have to deal with dogs that roll around in the [...]

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool When It’s HOT

“Both dogs and cats dissipate heat by panting [and] as they get overheated, they pant more quickly trying to maintain a safe internal temperature.” –Douglas Aspros, DVM and President of the American Veterinary Medical Association. When it comes to summer heat and humidity, don’t take chances with your pet. You may feel like getting out [...]

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How to Choose a Name for Your Puppy

Picking a name for your puppy can be tricky! You want to choose a name that’s creative, fits your dog well, and is easy for your dog to pick up on. How do you do that? Here are a few tips to help you understand how dogs perceive names and sounds and to give you [...]

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