In this week’s episode, I discuss some of the results of our 21 day New Year’s behavior challenge! And, in our puppy segment, I answer a caller’s question about what to look for when you’re choosing a puppy. Also, in the adult dog section, I give you the steps to make bath time much easier with your dog.

In this session:

Email bag: I respond to a couple email questions that came in about food in training.Content:I have two goals in this session with you:

  1. Discuss the three step training process that I always go through:
    1. Relationship: clarify that your dog needs to look to you for how to interpret the world
    2. Skills: Coach the basic core skills that your dog needs to be functional (including the one “core” skill that makes any dog a “good” dog.
    3. Policies: determine what default rules your dog has come up with and which ones work for you and which don’t
  2. Discuss the two key principles that I always follow:
    1. Follow the natural learning process
    2. Keep the freedom/responsibility quotient balanced

Homework: In this session I give you some “observational” homework that may have you seeing your dog’s behavior a little differently (and may make training your dog easier).

Details In this Section

Puppy Stuff

Here’s a link to an article on my blog on how to pick a puppy if you’d like some notes on the points that I go through in the podcast.

Adult Dog Stuff:

Here’s the article (that has a how to video in it) on how to make bath time easier with your dog.

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