In episode 57, Sean answers a listeners question about how to get her puppy to stop playing roughly with her baby.  Sean gives you a game-plan for training your puppy to get along with baby better and he gives you 3 areas to focus your training on that will make puppy-baby interactions more agreeable.

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In this session:

Should puppies and babies be left to interact on their own?

How can you teach a puppy that children taking things from them might be a good thing?

What three areas should you focus on in training a puppy to get along with a baby?

Details In this Session

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Outline from this episode

  1. Focus on handling exercises from episode 41 but incorporate baby
  2. Increase the intensity of the handling slightly to approximate the handling a dog may get in the future from a somewhat well behaved toddler
  3. concentrate some training on interrupting feeding and toy play with your puppy – always reinforce with a very high value treat.

WARNING: do not do this exercise to solve resource guarding with children – only do this as a preemptive training focus

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