In episode 56, Sean responds to a question from some listeners about how he approaches aggression cases.  They had a bad experience with a trainer in their local area and want to know from Sean what sorts of things they should look for in a trainer that can help them solve some aggression issues with their dog.  Sean goes over his preliminary assessment, the beginning of training and a couple of the biggest mistakes people make in working with aggression issues in their dogs.

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In this session:

Is solving an aggression case all about the right training technique?

What’s wrong with throwing treats to a dog that’s barking at you?

Are muzzles good or bad in training?

Details In this Session


People United for Pets (P.U.P. Dog Rescue)

Rescue Dog of the Week:

Here’s Firefly’s page:

Interview with the Director of PUP Dog Rescue:

If you’d like to know more about PUP Dog Rescue and more about how to find a good rescue organization, as well as get some tips about picking a good rescue dog for you, here’s my interview with Laura Tonkin (She’s the Director of PUP Dog Rescue)


Preliminary questions:

  • How intense is the behavior?
  • What specifically triggers a dog
  • What have the clients talked to their Vet about
    • Systemic and Specific medical issues
  • Pre-homework

The start of training

  • Loose leash walking & approach and retreat
  • Nervous system coaching


  • Don’t just throw food at a dog that’s marking at you
  • Don’t try to sooth or “talk a dog down” from being aggressive

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