In episode 54, Sean interviews David Van Kirk of Dogwatch Hidden Fence Systems to answer some of the questions that have come in over the last few months about these types of systems.  Sean and David discuss the outdoor and indoor systems that this technology provides to create permanent boundaries for your dogs in and around your household.

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In this session:

What is a hidden fence system?

What are the challenges and problems that a hidden fence system can provide?

Is there a training component when introducing a hidden fence boundary system like this?

What makes Dogwatch Hidden fences different from other hidden fence systems?

Details In this Session


People United for Pets (P.U.P. Dog Rescue)

Rescue Dog of the Week:

Here’s Piper’s page:

Interview with the Director of PUP Dog Rescue:

If you’d like to know more about PUP Dog Rescue and more about how to find a good rescue organization, as well as get some tips about picking a good rescue dog for you, here’s my interview with Laura Tonkin (She’s the Director of PUP Dog Rescue)


Dogwatch Hidden Fence Central website:

Dave’s local website and contact info:

Tel: 425-417-9125

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