In episode 42, I follow up on homework from podcast 40.  If you recall that podcast, I gave you phase 1 & 2 of the homework so you can teach your dog to settle in their nervous system during feeding time.  In this episode I follow up on that homework with phase 3 & 4 of that homework plan if you have more than one dog around during feeding time.

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In this session:

Do you have more than one dog?

Would you like feeding time to be more sane?

Do you have a dog that gets anxious or nervous around feeding time when there are other dogs around?

What are the next steps in the feeding rehabilitation plan from podcast 40?

Details In this Session


People United for Pets (P.U.P. Dog Rescue)

Rescue Dog of the Week:

Here’s Sophie’s page:


Interview with the Director of PUP Dog Rescue:

If you’d like to know more about PUP Dog Rescue and more about how to find a good rescue organization, as well as get some tips about picking a good rescue dog for you, here’s my interview with Laura Tonkin (She’s the Director of PUP Dog Rescue)



Phase 3:

Repeat your phase one and two homework with a second dog tied out nearby. You may need to backtrack on your competency and begin again with basic phase one goals of waiting for your feeding dog to settle down before giving each segment of the meal.  If that occurs, that’s OK. In fact, it is highly likely that your dog back tracks from phase one and two homework.  Just proceed as before and give it a few days in your new phase of homework with a distraction dog out.  After your feeding dog is consistently settling move on again to interrupting your dog’s feeding segments and reinforcing acceptance of that with a higher value piece of food.

Phase 4:

Begin to approach and retreat your feeding dog with your distraction dog.  Realize that you may also need to tie out your feeding dog so they can’t leave the bowl substantially and contact your distraction dog.

Three or more dogs:  Realize that you’ll have to go through more steps in this procedure if you have 3 or more dogs.  Simply go through this in layers or steps.  Once you have two dogs eating within several feet of one another (perhaps using tie outs as helpers for each feeding dog).  Bring out dog number three and repeat the steps from phase 3 and 4.  Proceed in layers like that for all the dogs that you have.

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