In episode 32, I answer a listener’s question about the best chew toys for puppies, and in our training section today, I talk about the next step in getting an older, larger puppy to stop jumping up on kids (and other people too)

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In this session:

What are the best chew toys for puppies?

Should you use negative feedback with an older puppy that’s jumping up on kids?

Details In this Session

Toni’s chew toy question:

Don’t give:

  • Fetching balls (including tennis balls)
  • Old shoes or clothing (too hard for your pup to understand the shoes you want them to chew and the ones you don’t)
  • Cooked bones (Cooked bones often splinter or shard causing some potential damage )

Do give:

  • Raw bone
  • Tendon chews
  • Bully sticks

Be sure with young puppies to always reinforce willingly giving up their chew toy to you with a “really” high value treat.


Sarah’s question about older puppy jumping:

  • I do believe in using some negative feedback with older puppies that still jump up
  • First though work in three areas:
    • Work on relationship, loose leash walking and focus on approaching and retreating people without pulling and staying sane
    • Then begin meeting people – if your pup jumps up, give a quick pop to the side with the leash. Do this for the next couple of dozen people your pup meets if you have to.  If it goes on that long then your “pop” isn’t noticeable enough to your older pup – upgrade the quickness of the “pop”
    • Then, lastly, develop a more structured ritual for meeting people. Teach a “sit” to meet adults and a “down” to meet kids if you have a large or extra large dog.


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