In episode 30, I answer a question from a listener about how to prevent your dog from escaping from your backyard.  And, I answer a question about how to prevent kitchen counter scavenging.  Also, I tell you about a really cool dog story about some lost dogs that were found a week after they went missing.

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In this session:

How can you prevent your dog from escaping your backyard?

How can you prevent kitchen counter scavenging?

Details In this Session

Tracy’s backyard escape question:

Here’s the blog article on exercising a dog:…without-training

Containment strategies and tools:

Spring to automatically close a wood fence gate:

GPS pet tracker:


Here’s an example of the coyote roller tool that gets installed at the top of fences:



Trudy’s Kitchen counter question:

Motion sensor air sprayer:

Electric mat to deter pets from getting up on stuff in your house:

Indoor electronic collar boundary system:



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