In episode 26, I answer a question from a listener about teaching your dog to get better at the skill of “recovery”. Said another way, how to teach your dog to be less reactive. In the puppy section, I go through some steps to teach your puppy to decide to NOT jump up and how to not create a “bad association” with food treat reinforcement.

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In this session:

How do you teach your dog to just be more relaxed more of the time?

In our Puppy section, what should you do if your food treat training has mad your puppy jump up on you more?

Details In this Section

Eric’s question about teaching recovery:

Here’s a list of some things to look for when you want to reinforce recovery:

  • Visually disconnecting
  • Starting to blink again
  • Jaw relaxing
  • Head look away
  • Relaxed panting
  • Side turning
  • Spontaneous sit
  • Spontaneous down
  • Tail relaxing
  • Relaxed ground sniffing

Puppy Jumping and bad associations with treats:

Here are the steps when you are trying to dissuade a dog from doing a behavior:

  • Identify what prompted the behavior (jumping in this case)
  • Present a mitigated (or lower level) version of that stimulation
  • Mark and reinforce the decision to NOT do the behavior (jump, in this case)

Gradually present more and more challenging version of that stimulation to have your puppy adapt to that stimulation and still decide to NOT do the behavior.

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