In episode 23, I answer a question from a listener about how to stop your dog from pulling when practicing loose leash walking around high level distractions. In the puppy section, I go through how to use posture to teach your puppy to settle more consistently when you greet your puppy or let them out of their crate.

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In this session:

What should you do when your dog heavily pulls towards other dogs?

What should you do when your puppy loses their mind when you step into the puppy play pen or attempt to open their crate door?

Details In this Section

Michelle’s leash pulling scenario:

To solve big pulling challenges while practicing loose leash walking:

  • Be sure to follow the natural learning process. Use what you know about distance, movement and surprise (distraction theory) to make sure you find your dog’s success point in low and medium distraction work before jumping straight into high level distractions.
  • Release the tension immediately and communicate on the leash with quick intermittent “pops” rather than defaulting to a tug of war that forces your dog to give in to their opposition reflex to pull back against consistent pressure.

Suzanne’s crazy puppy challenges:

  1. Learn to break transitions into separate segments. (and don’t move through segments of the transition until your puppy settles
  2. Use your posture and attention (or lack of it), your marker word and food reinforcement, to coach your puppy into the idea that you don’t interact with crazy puppies. BUT you immediately interact with a more calm and under control puppy.

NOTE: don’t work on recovery coming out of a crate until housebreaking is solid.

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