In episode 22, I answer a question from a listener about using an air sprayer to stop barking and what to do if your dog goes into a shutdown mode after you use one. In the puppy section, I go through some problem solving if your young puppy is stubborn about learning to “down”.

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In this session:

What should you do if you use an air sprayer to stop your dog from barking and they go into a “shut down” mode?

In our Puppy section, what should you do if your puppy just doesn’t want to lie down (even for a treat)?

Details In this Section

Larraine’s air sprayer – barking scenario:

Be sure to approach problem solving and behavior modification by dealing with systemic, foundational stuff first. Work in these three steps: Relationship, then basic core skills, and finally, policies (or the behavior that you want to deal with)

If you give your dog some form of balanced negative feedback, be sure to re-bond with them afterward.

Tammy’s puppy “downing” challenges:

  1. First, make sure you have a hungry puppy, or have good high value treats.
  2. Second, decrease distraction as much as possible.

Then, regarding down:

  • Use the tunnel under your leg luring system
  • Or try the leg scooping placing them in a down for the first couple dozen repetitions.

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