We’re going to go through a protocol to help train your dog (over 7 months old) to stop jumping on you or others. This is fundamental training that is typically one of the first lessons I teach in person. There will be an upcoming episode that covers puppies under 7 months. I also recommend that if you’re going to approach this and you are new to the podcast that you check out Lesson 2: Revisiting the sit, and episode three, on structure, as a primer for my approach to the relationship between you and your dog, and how that fits in to the approach contained in this episode.

Scenarios Where Your Dog Jumps

I’ll address the two key scenarios that come up regarding jumping. One scenario, where you live alone and they jump on you. And then another scenario where someone else comes up to visit and your dog jumps on them because they’re excited to see them!

I’ll provide some setup for those of you who may be new to the podcast; the goal is to help you understand the step-by-step process that talks about the relationship, basic course skills, then we deal with policies.

A Note About the “Relationship” You Have With Your Dog

The jumping training is usually one of the first lessons I provide with in-person lessons. It’s really about establishing a relationship between you and your dog – not in the sense of whether or not you care about your dog; the fact that you’re listening to the podcast and reading this tell me that you do. I’m really talking more about the fundamental connection and core understandings that you have. Do they understand the role you two have together when it comes to training and obedience? If those foundations need to be established, episodes two and three will help.

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