In this session of the podcast, I expand on the theory discussion from session 2 and I tell you what to adjust to be able to follow the natural learning process. I also give you an exercise so you can teach your dog to naturally walk on a loose leash.
At the end of this session I’ll give you some homework to start structuring your dog’s everyday life and your walk.

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In this session:


The Progression of Difficulty:

There are three things that make anything harder (or easier) for your dog

  1. What you’re doing while your dog does a task: This is usually measured by how connected (or disconnected) to you. For example, on leash versus off leash.
  2. What’s going on around your dog while they do a task: These are sometimes called “distractions”
    Distraction theory (further break down):
  • Distance
  • Movement
  • Surprise
  • And number of distractions
  • How long you expect your dog to do a task


Get your dog’s freedom/responsibility quotient back into balance

Structure your dog’s everyday life more

Here’s a link to an article on our blog that will give you some things to change around your house to structure your dog’s life more during this training phase. This article was originally written as a response to people who asked what to do after their newly adopted dogs started acting up, but it’s good advice for anyone trying to tune up their relationship and training with their dog.


Here’s an article on the blog that has a short video clip showing you what I mean by loose leash walking

Leash pulling article from the blog

Let me know how this experiment goes with your dog.

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