In this episode I interview Laura Tonkin, Executive Director or People United for Pets. Laura gives you great tips on making the transition for your new dog as easy as possible and she gives you three key things you should know before adopting a dog from a rescue shelter.

In this session:

In this week’s episode, I interview Laura Tonkin, Executive Director of People United for Pets (P.U.P).

I wanted to introduce Laura for two reasons.

  • She has great incite on how to best go about matching up dogs with people that create great long-term outcomes for dogs and the people.
  • I wanted you to hear about the great comprehensive protocol, coaching and support that a really top notch rescue organization goes through so you know what you should expect from a rescue organization in your area.

Details In this Section

In the completely unrelated to dog training introduction section ….

Here’s a link to Steve Ramsey’s YouTube channel “Wood Working for Mere Mortals”


Here’s the link to P.U.P rescue

Hopefully, you guys got a lot of good info out of this interview. Laura runs one of the best dog rescue organizations in the country and is a super impressive person to boot.

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