In this week’s episode, I answer a caller’s question who wants a clarification on something they heard in podcast #7 about not picking up a small breed dog too much. And if that applies to her new smaller breed puppy.

Also, in the adult dog section, I give you the steps to make training with multiple dogs much easier (by the way, these steps apply if your dog spends any amount of time with friends, or family’s dogs too.)

In this session:

Puppy Stuff: How do I bond with my small breed puppy (and should I pick them up a lot?)

Adult Dog Stuff: Here’s a step by step plan for training when you have multiple dogs (or your dog is around other dogs)

Details In this Section

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Puppy Stuff:

Key points from the section:

The advice in podcast 7 applied to that scenario

You can show love and affection to your dog for their whole life

Be aware of 3 things when you positively, physically and verbally, interact with your dog:

  • When you’re petting and praising your dog
  • Why you’re petting and praising your dog
  • What effect it’s having on your dog when you do it

If you have a small breed dog work to interact with them like they’re … well, a dog.

This means:

  • Don’t carry them in a bag everywhere
  • Don’t hold them in your arms all day long
  • Don’t let them jump up into your arms when they’re startled.
  • Do coach them through managing their nervous system and learning the skill of recovery like a “big kid”.

Adult Dog Stuff:

Here’s the article on the three phase training plan for multiple dog house holds:

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