In episode 64, Sean outlines and describes the top three mistakes he sees small breed dog owners making.  Sean gives you a remedy for each mistake and a bit of a game plan and homework for you and your small breed dog, if you feel like you’re making these mistakes.

Also, Sean reminds us that these mistakes don’t only apply to a small breed dog and may apply to you too if you have a medium or large sized dog.

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In this session:

Do we look at small breed dogs differently than larger dogs?

Is a dog different than a cat?

Is it possible to make your dog too comfortable?

Details In this Session


People United for Pets (P.U.P. Dog Rescue)

Rescue Dog of the Week:

Here’s Marc’s page:


Interview with the Director of PUP Dog Rescue:

If you’d like to know more about PUP Dog Rescue and more about how to find a good rescue organization, as well as get some tips about picking a good rescue dog for you, here’s my interview with Laura Tonkin (She’s the Director of PUP Dog Rescue)



The three big mistakes with a small breed dog:

  1. Too much freedom and not enough training


2. Bubble wrapping your smaller dog (or not thinking of them as an adult dog)


  • Start treating your small breed dog like a bigger dog
  • Stop carrying your dog so many places (let them do more for themselves)


3. Trying to soothe or “talk down” reactive behavior.


  • Interrupt or correct inappropriate reactive behavior
  • Work through protracted “approach and retreat” work to coach your dog through more appropriate settling behavior in closer proximity to triggering distractions.


SUB – Problems

  1. People sometimes hesitate to use actual training equipment – so, try using actual training collars or equipment when training your smaller breed dogs.
  2. Some smaller breed dogs are great actors – they play the victim well because they know they’re owner will stop what they’re doing and pick the dog up. – So, just work through your training methodically, and little by little, let your smaller breed dog work through some training with you.

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