In this session of the podcast, I talk about what to do when your puppy loses awareness of you when going up to, and interacting with, other dogs. 
ALSO:  For those of you that have a dog older than 7 months, I issue you a New Year’s resolution, 21 day behavioral, challenge for you and your dog that may surprise you.  Last year’s clients that took me up on this challenge were blown away by the results they achieved!

In this session:


Puppy stuff

Emails Questions – what should I do when my puppy goes crazy around other dogs (not aggressive) but totally disregards me, won’t listen and plays too rough?

Answer: Work on 3 areas:

1. The approach

Use the follow me game in “approach and retreat” to have your puppy go up to other puppies and dogs at your speed and not their speed.

2. Hanging out near other puppies and dogs

Encourage and coach friendly dog body language. Some of these behaviors are:

  • Relaxed ground sniffing
  • Averting eyes
  • Head turning
  • Squinting or blinking faster
  • Side facing other dogs
  • Spontaneously sitting or downing
  • Lip licking

3. Actual interaction

Interrupt with water or air sprayers for:

  • Rough play
  • Not stopping when another dog yelps or gives in


Dogs over 7-8 months old

New Year’s 21 day behavior challenge

1) Increase your dog’s exercise: two times a day get your dog’s tongue hanging out
Here’s the blog article about doing this.
2) Feed one of your dog’s meals via a food dispensing toy Here’s the blog article about doing this
3) Work on one moderately challenging obedience skill and one behavior modification every day

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