In episode 45, I answer a question from a listener about how to fix some backyard misbehavior.  One of the podcast listeners is having a challenge with her dog misbehaving in the backyard.  Her dog is apparently digging up some plants and chewing on parts of the deck.  I go through a step by step plan to help our listener’s dog learn the backyard rules.

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In this session:

Do you have a dog that doesn’t understand the backyard policies?

Do you find random things chewed up and destroyed after leaving your dog in the backyard for any amount of time?

Do you know the steps to go through to ensure that your dog can be in the backyard without supervision for some period of time?

Details In this Session


People United for Pets (P.U.P. Dog Rescue)

Rescue Dog of the Week:

Here’s Charcoal’s page:

Interview with the Director of PUP Dog Rescue:

If you’d like to know more about PUP Dog Rescue and more about how to find a good rescue organization, as well as get some tips about picking a good rescue dog for you, here’s my interview with Laura Tonkin (She’s the Director of PUP Dog Rescue)


Jenna’s backyard behavior issues:

  1. Systemic solutions
    1. Give him more of what he’s supposed to do (chew toys, digging pit etc.)
    2. Upgrade Sampson’s exercise plan
    3. Don’t allow him in the backyard without training supervision right now
  2. Direct training
    1. Use leave it with the things he’s not allowed near (first use the leash, then a long line)
    2. Introduce a remote trainer or e-collar with the long line and coach the leave it using the e-collar and long line while you’re back there with him
  3. (Finally) Let him into the backyard again on his own –however, you need to be watching from a window
    1. Use the e-collar to reinforce the “leave it” that you’ve coached him with in the backyard while you were present
    2. You might consider an “in ground” wire perimeter with the e-collar (dog watch or invisible fence systems)

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