I interview Mandy Pleshaw from Pet Partners. Pet partners is the largest therapy dog organization in the country. We discuss the steps you can take to begin volunteering and doing therapy work with your dog.

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In this session:

In this episode: Have you ever wanted to do therapy work with your dog? This is the episode for you!

Learn about the many opportunities that Pet Partners has for volunteering with your dog; opportunities range from visiting hospitals, hospices and veterans, to their “Read Programs”, where you and your dog help kids develop the skill of reading out loud by reading to your dog! Pretty cool stuff!

Details In this Section

You can find out more information about the various Pet Partners programs and how you and your dog can become a registered volunteer therapy team  HERE

Mandy mentioned Assistance Dogs International for more information about service dog certification and standards. Here is their website.

Let me know if you and your dog become a registered therapy team. I’d love to hear about your story!

Hopefully that helps!

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