In this episode, in the puppy section, I give you a step by step protocol to teach your older puppy to meet and greet people without jumping, mouthing and going crazy. In the adult dog training section, I give you a step by step plan to teach your dog to be brave around objects that your dog might be afraid of, like the vacuum cleaner and the lawnmower.

In this session:

In this episode

Puppy Section:

Teaching your puppy to meet and greet people

Training Section:

A step by step process to teach your dog to be more neutral and “brave” around objects that might startle them like a vacuum cleaner, lawnmower of wheel barrow.

Details In this Section


Here’s the link to the article on teaching the meeting process: Click Here


Being brave training

Here’s some reminder notes:

Think of brining the object of distraction out and having it around every day. Expose your dog to the object before every feeding time.

Work on manipulating the three elements of distractions that make the distraction more or less severe:

  • Distance
  • Movement
  • Surprise

Be sure to follow a natural learning process. Start easy and let your dog adapt to incremental progressive challenge.

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