In this episode, I give you a step by step plan to help with grooming procedures. In this example of the 3 phase protocol we go through, I look at how to make nail clipping easier for you and your dog. In the puppy section, I give you some tips on teaching your puppy to down. I particularly focus on how to get through some challenging areas when a puppy doesn’t quite understand the behavior that you’re trying to lure them into when you’re starting to train this behavior.

In this session:

Training Sections:

  • Make nail clipping easier

Puppy Section:

  • How to get through some challenges you may be having getting your puppy to down with luring.

Details In this Section

Training Section

Nail Clipping Video Mini Lesson

Puppy Section:

For puppies that look like they don’t understand the position that you’re luring them into, use the leg tunnel technique for the first 30-50 repetitions in your training.

Then gradually wean them off the need for you to be down there with them.

To progress to the end of Phase 1, practice pausing and waiting, while you’re standing straight up (and not repeating the command or hand signal), and give your puppy a few seconds to mentally process the response to the command.

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