Andi Brown is the author of The Whole Pet Diet, an interesting book on dog and cat nutrition. It’s been a bit of a theme for the last few episodes. This is the end of that “mini-series” on nutrition for now, but I felt this story was a great way to round that all out.

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How She Started

Andi’s story about her interest in pet nutrition that set her on this course starts with a personal account from the 80’s of her own cat who had a host of health issues. Told that it was simply a genetic disease that had no cure, she felt she had no options until she met a friend whose focus was nutrition and natural health. After some exploration and her friend preparing a recipe that contained chicken and vegetables, a four-day transformation of her cat occurred and revolutionized the way they thought about diet as a part of their pets’ overall health.

Andi talks about the standard for manufactured “pet” food, and some of the horrific discoveries she learned about them. She equates some of what the finalized product becomes (she calls it “vitaminized cardboard”).

Part of her approach is something she calls “The 8-week challenge”, and it outlines a direct approach to quality food as the core approach to your pet’s better health.

Resources and Contact Information

You can find more information at

Her book is available wherever books are sold. Click here to find it on Amazon.

She features some great recipes on her website as well! Click here for options.

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