On this, our 100th episode, I am going to give a consolidated answer to a question that comes up a lot. When and why I use food as a trainer, when and why I don’t use food, and when and why I do or don’t use corrections or dog collars. It’s all connected, and it’s time we dive in on this particular subject.

Sean, ARE you a food based trainer or AREN’T you?

So much of the confusion about this group of topics is that, like everything, for every trainer there is a different opinion. And it’s easy to take one specific episode (of the previous 99) and think that I either am or am not a “food treat” trainer based on the topic at hand. Different situations dictate those circumstances and I will explain why.

It’s important to understand that one of the drawbacks (or at least an observation you should consider) is that the treats become “the point” for why they obey a command.

An Example

Find an opportunity to evaluate the process when you do and another when you don’t. Was their willingness to obey tempered when they saw that you did not actually have a treat for them? There are several ways to evaluate this – we’ll talk about a lots of ways to determine the best approach for you.

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