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Lots of ways to start experimenting with The Dog’s Way Training

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The Dog’s Way Video Training Course

Sean McDaniels

I’ve been training people and dogs in Seattle for the last 15 years. Many people tell me that they get frustrated with the amount of dog training information out there.

It’s hard to figure out why some things work with some dogs and why some things don’t quite get the results you’re looking for with your dog.

I created this site and these resources to help you figure that out, and to let you know about some of the things that have been effective for me over the years.

For most people and their dogs, I’ve found that there’s a few things that begin to help right away…

Learn how to

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What People Say

I must have $200 in dog training books… none of this stuff was in any of those books!
See Carlene’s before and after video here.
I have tried to teach Cooper to ‘go down’ with treats.. and he just wasn’t interested.. After a few days of homework here, you just look at him now, and say it.. and he goes down!
See Jenny’s before and after video here.
I had a really hard time with Clenny.. I’ve noticed a huge difference in his basic manners!
See Jared’s before and after video here.
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The Dog’s Way Video Training Course

The Dog

A lot of people have told me that they wanted a lower cost version of my training and were tired of watching “quick tip videos” and reading articles here and there to try to pick up information about how to train their dog. I created the video course so there was a comprehensive (and affordable) resource for people who wanted to take their dog through a step-by-step training and deal with a bunch of issues once and for all.

  • 12 lessons on 5 DVD’s
  • 15 reminder cards to take with you on your walks and homework sessions as a reminder of key “Do’s” and “Don’ts”
  • Bonus and problem solving video lessons on the “students-only” website
  • A workbook that follows along with each lesson.