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The Dog’s Way Puppy Course

For puppies 8 weeks to 7 months old

The Puppy course is different from “The Dog’s Way DVD Training Course – for dog’s over 7 months old”, for two reasons:

  • First, we use some different training techniques with young puppies
  • Second, we cover different issues

Issues We Cover

  • Bonding
  • House Training
  • Crate training
  • Car Ride Training
  • Dealing with puppy chewing
  • Dealing with puppy mouthing
  • Dealing with puppy rough housing
  • Introduction to basic obedience training
  • Socialization
  • Teaching your puppy the basic rules of the house and yard
  • Understanding the different developmental stages of your puppy as they grow
  • Teaching your puppy to be handled and groomed
  • How to structure play time
  • How to teach a puppy to accept petting and stay “sane”
  • Puppy health hazards to be aware of
  • …and how to be a good veterinary patient

The Puppy Course

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